Gearotic Motion has grown over the years into multiple stand alone software programs. All of these programs require a personal computer or laptop to operate effectively. Usually the faster/newer they are, likely the faster and better things will work for you too, always suggested you try the demo first. Moving forward, as always, Gearotic Motion aims to assist anyone with geared mechanical questions or ideas, our once license always licensed feature is always popular, and all support and workshops is done from our Gear head Corner forum.   


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Click this Icon link to navigate towards the making of gears. Our Gearotic CAD template generator, or our new Ticker 3D CAD platform allows various types of gears, including circular, non circular, cage, planetary, sprockets, functional, helical, bevel and specialty gears to name a few. 

CNC Outputs

Click this Icon link to navigate towards CNC and Milling applications. This link directs towards our GCode for 2, 3 and 4 axis milling, paper printing, and exports 2D & 3D DXF, STL's for CNC work or 3D printing


Click this icon link to navigate towards our Software packages. Theses include GEAROTIC CAD, our gear template generator, AUGGIE, our CAM controller, VEXX, our draw program, and TICKER, our new 3D platform.

Specialty Gears

Click this icon link to navigate towards Specialty items, includes gear size calculator, belt length calculator, nuts and bolts, indicators, rack and pinions, worm gears, splines, knots, veins, flourishes, boxing and much more .


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