CNC Output Selection Page

This CNC output selection page allows users to focus on Output data generated by Gearotic Motion software bundles. This includes Paper Printing, exporting drawing DXF files of 2D and 3D gears, CNC Gcode for machining on 3 and 4th axis milling, STL for 3D printing and Object slicing. Select area of interest to rifine search for addition information and tutorial videos.  

STL Slicing

Select this icon to go towards object slicing techniques found inside Gearotic CAD. STL Slicing is another one of those options inside Gearotic CAD that allows a simple STL load (3D object), then slice it for 3D layer printing.


Paper Printing

  Select this icon to go towards our Paper Printing techniques. This output option allows anyone to print the profile of a gear, generated by Gearotic CAD, to a home or business paper printer. These can be useful in order to create templates for those scroll saw, band saw or hand tool workshop users.


Select this icon to get Gearotic CAD 2D DXF file export process. Gearotic uses DXF as our graphical imaging interface, which is typically supported by most CAD software today. We use DXF file format to export all of ours.


Select this icon to enter Gearotic CAD 3D DXF file export process. STL (Stereo Lithography) is a file format native to the stereolithography CAD software. STL files describe only the surface geometry of a three-dimensional object without any representation of color, texture or other common CAD model attributes both in ASCII and binary representations.

CNC 3 Axis GCode

Select this icon to enter Gearotic CAD CNC 3 Axis GCode generator. Axis CAM (Computer Assisted Machining) platform in Gearotic CAD offers a friendly area to prep projects cut using 3 axis mode (X,Y,Z) in GCode format. Users may select tools, profile and can generate a toolpath.

4th Axis GCode

Select this icon to enter Gearotic CAD, CNC 4th Axis GCode generator. Our 4th Axis milling is a developed technique offered by Gearotic CAD and is somewhat complex in nature for GCode. Not all gears are possible to cut via 4th axis (i.e. bevel).