STL SLicing

STL slicing is another one of those toys found inside Gearotic. Simply load STL (3D object), scale it, then slice it for 3D layer printing. Great for Paper 3D building and various other products that require slicing to get a 3D object.

STL Slicing menu

Slicing an STL can be explained in a few basic steps. First you imported your STL into Gearotic CAD, via the STL module, then scale it to size e you want. Next step is your aspect ratio, (suggest you keep it original), then pick the thickness of your desired slice, then slice it. You can utilize the Barycentric output slice origins for sorting or use the 3 point coordinate (0,0,0) . Once complete, you may view your slices using our slider. As you can see only a few steps are require to successfully slice up an 3D STL object.

1st Step:

Load up an 3D Object (STL) from your library

Step 2:

STL scaled to new size                                 

Kept aspect ratio                                          

Select slice thickness                                   


Barycentric output slice origin                  s

Step 3:                                                                    

STL slices can be viewed using slider

Scan through slices to see results


Click here to view our STL slicing tutorial video on YouTube

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